Sunday, June 2, 2013

Suggestions brainstormed at the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair 2013

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What are some ways to support families in your midst?

  • Having youth-led workshops. Have the kids/youth lead a workshop for everyone!
  • Include images of children in the outreach & publicity to show that kids (and all ages) are welcome to your event. Welcome children’s artwork and participation in the media making process.
  • Don’t marginalize the kids’ space and caregivers so that they’re excluded from the larger event.
  • Don’t marginalize supporting families as being only “parents and kids” issues.
  • Follow through on what you offer. Get support of your own to help you process your own issues and boundaries so you can be clear on what you can offer, and take care of yourself while supporting others.
  • Learn from doula-ism: Many new moms are reluctant to ask for help with basic things (like doing dishes, cooking meals). Offer to do these things so that they don’t have to. Cook in bulk so that they can freeze leftovers and reheat them later.
  • It shouldn’t be on parents to lead the call for childcare.
  • Create different ways of participating in demos for those who would be left behind on a long walk. For example, one group rented a bus to bring children, parents, and others who couldn’t march the entire way.
  • If parents are willing to open their homes to meetings, those would ensure that the space is kid-friendly and kid-welcoming. However everyone should plan to pitch in with set-up and clean-up.
  • Parent should feel okay asking for help. Create a culture in which it’s okay to ask for help.
  • Offer resources for parents if you feel they could benefit from them.
  • For white parents not teaching their kids about race, offer resources to talk about other races, ethnicities and cultures.
  • Offer to collectively help parents get/pay for resources that they can’t otherwise afford (like cloth diapers).
  • Volunteer with the Montreal Childcare Collective.
  • Offer alternatives rather than criticisms.

    Thank You: Montreal Anarchist Bookfair, Montreal Childcare Collective, and QPIRG ! < 3

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